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Sexual Harassment in the Workplace; What to do if you are affected

| Apr 22, 2016 | Firm News |

In the workplace, there are certain ways that everyone is supposed to handle themselves. Office rules are expected to be followed in regards to work procedures as well as just being a good, moral person. However, there are those who do not follow the rules and may decide to harass fellow co-workers, in an emotional or sexual way. It is important for every individual to know what to do when they are faced with harassment of any kind, especially sexual harassment.

Recognize the Harassment

To begin, you must be able to recognize the harassment. If you are being taunted by a co-worker, be it in a mean way or sexual way, this is harassment. If you feel threatened or uncomfortable with comments or gestures by a co-worker, this is considered harassment. Recognize the issue and take note of what has taken place so that you can file a report against the aggressor.

Filing a Complaint

When you become the subject of harassment, you will need to file a complaint against the individual. You can do this with the Human Resources department of your company. Once this is done, the issue should be handled. If you still feel uncomfortable and think the issue has not been handled correctly, you may need the assistance of an attorney.

Stratton & Green, ALC of San Diego can assist you with employment law needs, including harassment issues. In certain cases, individuals need to press criminal charges against an individual who does not stop with harassment or if the individual stops working with you but continues to harass you outside of work. Never be afraid to ask for legal assistance or help from the police when you feel threatened by an individual at work or in another setting.