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Industry-Savvy Representation In Construction Law And Construction Litigation

The construction world is fast-moving and involves many players, making it risky and contentious to do business. One key to surviving and thriving is having dependable legal counsel from a construction lawyer for transactions and the inevitable disputes.

The lawyers of Stratton & Green, ALC, are well-versed in construction law and construction litigation. We counsel and represent contractors, subcontractors, material suppliers and design professionals in the San Diego area and throughout South California. At the outset of a big project or at the first sign of trouble, reach out to our established law firm.

Experienced Construction Lawyers Focused On Solutions

With 45 combined years of experience, the partners of Stratton & Green can capably protect your interests in every phase of the construction timeline, including:

  • Negotiation and drafting of construction contracts
  • Bidding and bonding
  • Stop notices and payment bond claims
  • Mechanic’s liens for unpaid work
  • Change orders and work above scope
  • Prevailing wage disputes
  • Construction defects
  • Fraud, nonperformance or breach of contract

Sabrina Green and Cynthia Stratton are proven trial lawyers who also understand that time is money in the construction business and that ongoing disputes lead to project delays and burned bridges. They will pursue the swift and cost-effective solution where it makes business sense, but they have extensive courtroom experience in construction litigation, including arbitrations and prevailing wage hearings.

What If Your Construction Company Is Not Getting Paid?

We have experience in filing construction liens (mechanic’s liens) on behalf of builders and subcontractors when general contractors or developers are slow paying or in default. Filing a lien against the property will usually lead to payment in full or a structured settlement in writing. As a last resort, we can and will foreclose on the property and liquidate so that our clients can pay their workers.

What If One Party Bows Out Or Delays The Project?

This is a frequent occurrence. Builders over-extend themselves or a delay on another project has a domino effect. Suppliers are unable to deliver on time because of cash flow or supply chain problems. Buyers back out of the deal or insist on last-minute change orders. Heavy equipment breaks down. Stratton & Green can intervene to negotiate a resolution and assert your rights, including claims against surety bonds or invoking performance bonds to pay for another provider to complete the project. Our construction law attorneys are skilled at involving all the key players to keep projects moving, rather than playing the parties against each other in expensive and counterproductive cross-claims.

What If You Are Sued Over Prevailing Wage Claims?

We have extensive experience in employer defense, including representation of construction contractors in hearings before the California Department of Industrial Relations for alleged violations of the prevailing wage regulations. We can dispute the violation or try to mitigate the penalties, which can quickly add up when levied on a per-worker, per-day basis.

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