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Business Sense For Business Disputes

At the San Diego law firm of Stratton & Green, ALC, our business litigation attorneys draw on their long experience in state and federal courts as well as their extensive experience in mediation to provide diligent, client-focused representation to small, mid-sized and large businesses throughout Southern California.

We are committed to protecting our clients’ bottom lines by taking a streamlined and cost-effective approach to litigation. In cases where an out-of-court solution makes business and financial sense, we will pursue those negotiations. But we are aggressive and strategic when disputes are destined for courtroom litigation.

Business Litigation Attorneys With Decades Of Experience

Our partners have more than 45 combined years of experience in business and commercial litigation, including but not limited to:

  • Breach of contract: The majority of business disputes involve one or more breach of contract claims. Our firm represents plaintiffs and defendants in contract litigation.
  • Unfair business practices: Whether your business has been the victim of unfair competition or you have been accused of unfair business practices, we can help.
  • Business fraud and misrepresentation: Our attorneys help businesses pursue and defend civil claims involving allegations of fraud, misrepresentation, and non-disclosure.
  • Shareholder derivative actions: Our firm is frequently called upon to represent shareholders, corporations, officers and directors in shareholder derivative lawsuits.
  • Employment defense: Our experienced employment lawyers defend employers against claims of discrimination, harassment, retaliation and other employment law violations.
  • Business owner disputes: We assist clients with the resolution of shareholder disputes, member disputes, partnership disputes and other disputes among business owners.
  • Construction litigation: We represent contractors, subcontractors and material suppliers in mechanic’s liens, construction contract disputes, construction defect claims and other legal conflicts in the building industry.

Explore Alternative Dispute Resolution For Business Conflicts

As mediators, Cynthia Stratton and Sabrina Green are diligent in achieving resolution. Their approach is direct yet compassionate. Ms. Stratton and Ms. Green’s experience and knowledge of California laws provide them with the ability to quickly identify key issues and utilize their differing but tenacious styles. Both partners are credentialed mediators through the National Conflict Resolution Center.

Protecting Your Company’s Bottom Line And Reputation

Litigation is risk and reward. Our trial lawyers are equipped and prepared to advocate for you in contested court proceedings, but we also understand business realities. We help you weigh the range of outcomes and potential exposure if the court were to rule in favor of the other party, so that you can make a business decision about how to proceed. We are sensitive to the costs and disruption of litigation and protective of your company’s goodwill, but some conflicts can only be resolved in the courts.

To discuss your contract dispute or other business litigation, call our San Diego law off at 619-718-4820 or contact us online.