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Qualities of a Good Business Attorney

| Jan 14, 2017 | Business Litigation |

Many people try to avoid dealing with legal matters for various reasons. In business, getting a reliable and qualified attorney will be a critical step in the course of running the organization. Getting an attorney could prove to be the most important step in solving some of the challenges you are going through. For commercial litigation there are several qualities you need to look out for.

The Philosophy

An ideal law firm should be committed to a philosophy of serving justice. A law firm that only seeks to win cases at all costs can sound like a good option for many of their clients, but it has a lot of risks.

Unethical practices can have a negative impact on the business litigation process in a number of ways. It can cause problems between both parties and hinder the smooth resolution of disputes. It can also impact negatively on your business and make you and your business look untrustworthy.

Established and Connected

There are many different aspects of business litigation. They range from matters concerning contracts, debt, franchise disputes, partnership dissolution etc. Attorneys are now increasingly focusing on specific areas of specialization.

A well connected attorney can recommend an attorney that can handle certain specific issues. You may visit a lawyer with an issue that does not fit his area of specialization. A well connected lawyer will have a network of attorneys dealing in different areas of specialization that he can refer you to. This can help save the time you would have taken to get a suitable attorney.


Business litigation encompasses a lot of things. As a business owner it is not practical to expect that you will have a grasp on every legal aspect of your business. Therefore, your lawyer should be a good communicator that can explain the legal challenges your business is facing. This can help you anticipate problem and play a more proactive role as far as legal issues are concerned.