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Stratton & Green, ALC Business Litigation: Are You a Victim of Unfair Business Practices

| Apr 14, 2018 | Business Litigation |

Stratton & Green, ALC Business Litigation: Are You a Victim of Unfair Business Practices
Even after thorough preparation, small and mid-sized businesses can find themselves dealing with serious challenges that could threaten their venture. Unfair competition is one of the challenges that organizations sometimes have to deal with conclusively if they are to maintain profitability.

There are federal and state laws that are designed to protect businesses from unfair practices. The California Business and Professions code describe unfair competition as any act or practice that is “unfair, untrue, deceptive, or misleading”.

If you’ve been a victim of unfair business practices, you can start a lawsuit that will hold your competitor liable for the tortious actions by competitors or business partners. Some of the examples of business torts may include:

Intellectual Property: This includes matters relating to trade secrets, copyright or the infringement of your trademark. Trade secret often involves the review of non-solicitation and nondisclosure agreements. The objective of trademark litigation is to examine whether a competitors action leads to confusion on the actual source of goods. The law aims to protect businessmen to prevent the confusion, but also tries to attain a balance so that the complainant is not overreaching.

False Advertising and Misrepresentation: Under California’s Unfair Competition Law, the use of “unfair, misleading, untrue and deceptive advertising” is prohibited. Before advertising, businesses are advised to seek legal counsel to prevent spending time on money on advertising that could put the business at risk of legal action. If your business has been a victim of false advertising, you can resolve the issue outside the courts through negotiations or cease and desist letters.

Stratton & Green, ALC works with the small, mid-sized, and large organization to assist them with business litigation in Southern California. Stratton & Green, ALC helps clients find the best solution by applying a set of preventive measures and the use of alternative dispute resolution processes based on the needs of the client.